Rome in Ruins

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Daywalker Rome in Ruins is available from the iTunes App Store.


A new approach to travel guides.

Most of us who visit Rome as tourists have a limited amount of time to see the sites. What we found lacking in the usual guidebooks to Rome is a resource that leads one exclusively to the archeological ruins and sites. This guidebook takes the approach of self-guided walks through various neighborhoods of the city center. Along the route of each walk, the remnants of the story of Rome are identified and explained. 

This interactive multi-touch book  contains three self-guided walks to the archeological sites of ancient Rome within the historic city center. It was designed to work with a companion app Daywalker Aurelian Wall.

The companion Daywalker app provide interactive maps showing each of the described paths with turn by turn instructions.  It also provide something new, 3D flyovers of each point of interest described and a 3D flyover of each path along self-guided walk.